Die Startlisten für das SWISS WUSHU OPEN (1QT17) sind hier zu finden

General Information:

  • The modern and traditional Taolu competitions starts at 09:00. There will be two Taolu areas.
  • The fights start at 10:00. At the morning we have a Qingda U20 & Qingda U15 area.
    à The finals of U15 are at the afternoon 15:00.
  • At 12:30 will be the award ceremonies of the morning categories!
  • At afternoon the fights starts at 13:30. We have one Sanda/Sanda Light & Qingda Adults area. At 15:00 we have a secound area for U15.
  • At 16:30 will be the award ceremonies of the afternoon categories! 


IMPORTANT: (concerns only the combat schools)


  • There will be at the day your athletes are registrated.
    • Qingda U15 & U20 08:30-09:15
    • Qingda Adults 11:00-11:30 / Sanda Light & Sanda 11:00-11:30
  • It’s an international tournament, so we will also fight the "Small Finals" (3rd place).